Thursday, May 6, 2010



Why? Why that more men are not contented to their partners, wives, mistress, girlfriends?

Why? Well this is just for fun no hurt feelings whoever got through this, remember this is not for YOU! This is just playing to my thoughts I just want to write it in here for the record..

Lahat ng tatamaan I I L A G… okay…. (Tabi-tabi po)


I’ve been a lot of wondering if you really at least ready to fulfill my needs as what you called your whatever you want, your just a boy when I met you, a responsible boy, a virgin. I taught you everything you have to learned, I gave you the fullest, but! As what I’ve said you’re still a boy! You encountered some flings that I would never forgiven and that makes our relationship more miserable than ever till now blame me for the cause we haven’t really fulfill the happiness you have just promised you ~!@!##$ … anyway it just what happen if you really don’t love each other you will find another bitch … One question? Am I not that BITCHenough, fuck! I know I’m expert on that; I’ve been a lot of them before. Why don’t you just find some virgin as if they’re still existed? And I can be your everyone you need, everyone you want, I can be your partner, wife, girlfriend, mistress, GRO in the club, O-N-S, fling, fucking friend, anyone, dancer at the top of the table, be your table for the whole night, giving me tip for kissing you in full French kiss, you can order me ladies drink and pay me some bar fine to get me out and pay some room to check me in.

Why of all mistakes that man should really need to have some good times with other Bitch ey, they’re all just the same, they’re still ol’ BITCH. Glad I’m one of them!

What if women play the game that man played? It this cause a little more eww thing? And how’s that? More men says its better that they get another woman than another man for they playmate, what about in our case, can we also get another man than another woman for a playmate too. How is that sounds like to you huh?! Ego Breaker?! Can I laughed out loud now?!

Well I remember one guy who called me a FUCKING BITCH before around 2002, is that really harsh, in my case NO! Why? cause I break his head! Damn thing he rest assured he fucking kill me in pain when he taking me for granted as I gave him everything. But God loves me so much giving me my Karma… He he he… But still we survive.. back to the topic…

Bitchiness is not that really woman’s effort, its normal, its natural thing woman’s have…

Agree!!! Com’ on…

Well some sort of advice to some man who really want to cross the real world of fire…

Take Good Care… you might be burn and suffer that will not allowed you to even scream for pain… and maybe the REAL WORLD MIGHT BE TOO LATE TO RECOGNIZE AND RECOVER.

This is not for men only, BITCH also deserve to see their REAL WORLD as WELL… Thanks…

(and in my case I’m living in my REAL WORLD now.. Good Luck to the others…c”) )

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